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Jak zarabiańá na kryptowalutach

Bitcoin: is a form of digital currency that is created and held electronically. It was founded in 2009, and its creator is Satoshi Nakamoto. It was the world's first virtual payment method of this type. Thanks to several important functions, it is one of the greatest financial innovations of recent years: It is safe, fast, anonymous and decendralized. Information about bitcoin transactions is encrypted using a technology known as "blockchain". The way it works and is constantly verified seems to be practically unbreakable at the moment. Payments in cryptocurrencies are carried out online. In the process of transferring funds, the distance of the place where we send the money does not matter, and the transaction takes place without intermediaries. Availability 24/7 Cryptocurrency transfers have no restrictions in the form of days of the week or the world, we can send funds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Transactions are approved practically every 10 minutes. Opening an account in this cryptocurrency does not have any formal conditions, and the accounts are anonymous. Information on cryptocurrency account balances can be found simultaneously in many places on earth in the same form. It makes it even more secure, for example compared to traditional banks that have a centralized database system. Cryptocurrency is also a liquid medium of exchange that we can use to pay for more and more things! Every now and then we hear that more institutions, stores or other companies are starting to accept cryptocurrencies. They are also a currency that does not have a physical form and can be quickly sent directly to any place on earth. This has many advantages compared to, for example, international bank transfers, where money has to pass through several banks along the way, and thus be recorded on several subsequent virtual accounting books. Cryptocurrency faucet - what is it?

Cryptocurrency: Faucet is a portal that allows you to earn free fractional parts of a cryptocurrency. Tapes of this type give away parts of a given "crypto" usually in return for entering the site, seeing the ads and completing a simple task (eg roll or captcha). Faucets are often protected against creative users who use bots to generate profit in this way.

Does it make sense? The sums collected are relatively small, at least at the beginning, so it is difficult to treat such an occupation as work, to whom we dedicate our time specially. But if we click in our free time, where we wouldn't be doing anything concrete anyway, it makes sense. Each of us inevitably wastes a lot of time every day, e.g. sitting at work when there is nothing to do, taking the bus or waiting for someone or something. On the other hand, downloading free cryptocurrencies takes moments, and besides, it is fun.

How to start? Cryptocurrencies earned in faucet have internal wallets, which are kept by the accumulated "crypto" until their withdrawal to our external cryptocurrency wallet. If we want to withdraw earned cryptocurrencies for money, it is enough to create an account at BitBay or Coinbase.

BitBay CoinBase
Then, the collected coins can be withdrawn at an ATM or sent by bank transfer to our own bank account. Nothing hard. My chosen faucet transfers the downloaded cryptocurrencies immediately to the Coinpot micro wallet. We register for COINPOT, and for all faucets separately, remembering to USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS for all registrations - then the funds from faucets will be automatically transferred to our micro wallet account. For simplicity, the same password can be used. Registration is free, we do not invest anything and our account is anonymous. We only provide the email address. There is also no obligation - we can stop being interested in a faucet at any time. We depend on this for a faucet to visit the website quite often, therefore one-off payments are small. Nevertheless, the amount of free cryptocurrency waiting for download will increase all the time from our last download, even if the site is closed. However, the billing slows down over time, so as to encourage us to visit the page as often as possible.

Registration on a micro wallet : COINPOT coinpot.co (provide e-mail and password) Each Claim from each tap provides additional funds in the form of CoinPot tokens. We receive 3 tokens for each of our downloads, and 1 token for each download by recommended persons. The tokens can be exchanged for satoshi.

1) BONUS BITCOIN (BTC) bonusbitcoin Claim possible usually every 15 minutes. The amount of satoshi does not increase over time. Referral bonus: 50% of all downloads made by referrals

2) BIT FUN(BTC) bitfun Claim every 3 minutes, Referral bonus: 50% on all downloads by referrals

3) MOON BITCOIN (BTC) moonbit Claim every 5 minutes, Daily loyalty bonus: 1% for each subsequent day of our activity up to 100%. (Note! If one day we do not log in to faucet, the bonus is counted again from 1%) Referral bonus: 50% from all charges by referrals, and 1% from our charges for each referral up to 100%, Mystery bonus: a random bonus from 1% to 100% on each of our downloads. All bonuses that work with our download add up to a maximum of 300%

4) MOON DASH(DASH) moondash As in the previous one

5) MOON DOGECOIN(DOGE) moondoge As in the previous one

6) LITECOIN MOON(LTC) moonliteco As in the previous one, but Referral bonus: 25%

7) MOON BITCOIN CASH (BCH) moonb The coins accumulated in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash in the Coinpot micro wallet can be transferred to your wallet. In my opinion, Bitbay and Coinbase are best suited for this. If you don't have an account there yet, it's worth setting up. authbitbay.net

Why these seven faucets? : Coinpot and taps are easy to use and collecting satoshi and other currencies generally takes less than 4 minutes out of all seven

- they have been operating for several years

- they transfer funds to one micro wallet immediately

- the minimum to withdraw from the micro wallet is only 10,000 satoshis, so you do not have to wait until a similar amount is collected from each tap as it happens with other guys - here all earned funds accumulate in Coinpot

- COINPOT TOKENS accumulate on the micro wallet for each single download from each tap. They can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies

- you can exchange funds between five cryptocurrencies on the micro wallet

The amount of money earned from faucets will depend mainly on:

- how many times will we click on the "Claim" button

- how much time will pass from the moment we started this game (Daily Loyalty Bonus)

- how many people have registered with our referral and how often they click (Refferal Bonus)

Here are some other faucets on Telegram

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